Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Sick and Tired

Ahoy, Traveler, your trips have been fine I trust?

Welcome back to the whirlwind, where I've spent the past week or so in turns lying in bed hoping this illness would simply end and the other half up and about thinking it had ended. I've been told both that I look and sound really bad and that I don't really look ill at all; Neither statement (given the circumstances) could be placed as the truth of what is and was going on with me. It's just a flu with a nasty cough and high fever, really.

It's a weird little thing, really, getting sick! And I assure you, it is nowhere near as simple as we seem to think it is. Sometimes people look fine on the surface when they're truly suffering immensely and other times they look like they're dying when they've only got a cough. It's kind of funny, because we then in turn THINK we can see from others when they're truly not okay even though we've been taught throughout our lives to not to judge just based on the outside - Seriously what's up with that!

There are invisible illnesses, which I'm sure just based on the name anyone would understand to be a real illness that can't be seen on the outside. There are many of them but the long list includes for instance migraines, depression, post traumatic stress disorder, multiple sclerosis and chronic fatigue syndrome; In short, they aren't anything to laugh at nor is there any use in denying their existence and the very real complications and dangers they posses. But regardless of the realness of these things, most people suffering from them have received disbelief from their family, friends and coworkers in the most insulting forms: They've been told the illness is all in their head ( = crazy) or someone's said behind their back that they just really needed a vacation ( = lying) or attention, and perhaps if they are unable to work, someone's called them a society bum or something along those lines ( = lazy, non-contributing, not worth my time). But it's not all in their heads nor are they lying, they'd probably give anything to live a normal life where they needed to lie to get some time off work but as it is they get time off and the time off isn't pleasant and is spent suffering, or they've been forced out of work completely due to the severeness of their illness. They don't need judgement on top of what they're already suffering.

Sorry for the slight ranty quality of this post, hope you have a wonderful week!


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