Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Home, Sweet(?) Home..

Oh, hey - Didn't expect to see you again!

About a month ago, I decided to take a vacation from social media (especially the bits that are publicly readable by anyone who stumbles upon them). I needed a break and I needed to let myself be calm, collected and not stress out over how many posts I'd made and what I'd done. Due to this break I took, this post will be a lot more rambling and collect things that happened throughout the past month into one tidy package.

Friends and Family time. I dedicated quite a bit of my time straight after the latest blog post to family and friends - Talking, doing and seeing. It was important to me to think of them and spend time with them instead of wondering whether or not I'd been accepted to study where I wanted to study. I even went out of town to spend time with my grandparents and younger sisters for nearly a week, which isn't something I typically do. 

On the Friday of that week (03.07), I found out I'd been accepted to study English in one of the universities here in Finland. I'm choosing not to mention which one but that has kept me quite busy the past couple of days as I've applied for student benefits and apartments in the city in question. 

Now, I'm sure you noticed how I left that gap in between the 3rd and "the past couple of days." That's because I went out of country to spend time with someone I care for immensely. I won't be going deeper into that, because I feel like it's my private life and private time with this person. However, it was a lovely vacation and I got to see many things I never thought I would. Afterwards, it did feel quite odd to come back home to a completely different environment and a different language.

Basically in the past month I spent just shy of 3 weeks everywhere else but home. And that's fine, but it feels all at once nice to be back home and sad to not be where I was. It's this odd feeling I haven't had to really balance with before but that I'm learning to understand bit by bit.

Hope you had a great time as well, 


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