Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Am I too picky?

Oh. You're still here

There's a sale on steam (and virtually any other platform that sells games) and I keep looking through the games, incapable of finding anything that would really interest me. It's weird, really. Everyone I know manages to throw away hundreds of whatever currency they're using whenever there's a game sale and I find nothing to buy. Maybe it's that there are too many games out there? Maybe I get too fixated on a certain one that I want but that's out of reach due to money (or release date)? I don't really know, but it's kind of disappointing to look at all these games and find myself thinking "I'd never pay that much for that" and "That's not worth it".

Then again, I'm like this with other things as well. I walk into a store, I'll have a list of items I need. Sure, I might stop and look at things I'd want but typically I just end up thinking that I don't really need it and walking away. But god forbid I actually need to buy new clothing for one reason or the other.. First, it's a struggle to find anything I'd want to try on and then it's a struggle of seeing these things on me and thinking "no. Definitely no. What is this even supposed to be? This looks.. bad." I usually get very frustrated after the first 20 things I have to try on!

And well, to be perfectly honest... I was a rather picky eater. Not due to the way things tasted but due to their texture. Some foods just.. feel disgusting to eat, no matter how delicious they are! Like boiled cabbage.. Just the thought of it used to make me shudder! (No, this isn't the case anymore though there are things I don't particularly enjoy eating.)

I guess the question really isn't "Am I too picky?" but rather "Should I be spending such considerable amounts of time thinking of buying things I know I won't buy?"

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