Friday, May 29, 2015

Sleepy post

Ohh, you again - Still awake and alive, I see!

I've been shakily sleepy lately, just be glad I'm not driving that damn roller coaster - I'm just creating the stops, that's all. It's night after night of either no sleep or very little sleep or sleep with a horrible quality for me. Stress is probably the main thing fooling around with my sleep quality, and friends the one stopping me from going to sleep when I feel I'd need to (thanks). They're probably the main reason why my posts are sometimes so lame, and why I can't seem to remember things the way I should. Guess there's just one fix for that though; Taking a hold of my own life and giving myself bed times along side the wake up -times.

Entrance exams done! And thank goodness for that, really - I was starting to run so low on energy that anything was funny and annoying all at once. It's a rather weird state to be in, really! Almost immediately after the last one I resigned to waiting around and hoping for the best, somehow convinced there was no way I'd get into my top pick. I'll have to wait another month to actually know where I got into (and how far away from home I'll be forced to move). I think this may well be the only time thus far I've wished I could drive a car!

Trying to start writing again. I kind of took a break from it (not willingly, mind it) to concentrate on studying the past month. It was books about translation, notes about linguistics and making sure I know the vocabulary required for speaking of both. I didn't have time, energy nor inspiration to write a single word or draw anything. I tried, I really did, but each time I picked up the pen to write or draw... Nothing came of it. Each time, I was faced with a piece of paper with some unintelligible sentences or lines that created nothing. I felt it was useless to try until I actually felt inspired again. Perhaps that was for the best!

Hope the ride isn't too bumpy! 'Till next stop, 


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