Sunday, April 5, 2015

Lamb, wine and Easter eggs

Still here? You're doing much better than I expected!

Today was the first Easter day - We enjoyed a lovely meal of lamb and pommes noisettes complete with red wine (or grape juice, depending on your age), mint jelly and a pea salad. Obviously, there was dessert (blueberry-raspberry-strawberry curd - At least, I believe that is the proper word to use) and the rather obvious but completely non-Christian tradition of Easter eggs with tiny little surprises inside. I'd have taken photos, but I felt that would have been a rather rude thing to do in the middle of this wonderful family dinner! The conversation flowed from traditional beginning of the dinner ("Why do we celebrate Easter?") through the thanks to God to more mundane, every day things - Like how much wine tastes like cough medicine the first couple of times you have it, and how next week will be with some of us going to work as early as 6 in the morning.

All in all it was a lovely occasion with the family, but there's still the second Easter day to go which means a different kind of meal - The main point, however, isn't chocolate eggs or what kind of fancy food we're having... it is to spend time together, cherish each other and share this wonderful spring day!

I truly wish everyone else in the world had (and will have) a lovely day - Whether they celebrate Easter or not.

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