Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Confessions of a "grown-up"

I'm actually mildly shocked you're still along on the ride

I promised confessions,
and confessions you shall have!

  1. Still obsessed with Disney! Yeah, you heard me!
  2. I love musicals. Yup, musicals - It has music and dance and silly plots and lyrics and... I love it!
  3. Candy Day is still a thing. You know how you used to look forward to that specific day of the week because you'd get to have candy and stuff..? Yeah, I still have that.
  4. Young Adult and children's books are amazing. 
  5. Legos. I wish I could still play with them and not seem weird.
  6. Children's songs amuse me
  7. I hate shopping. 
  8. Nursery rhymes are fun!
I was going to give 2 more and then realized I don't actually want to

Enjoy the ride,


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