Monday, March 16, 2015

Birthdays, Art & Writing

Your hands and feet still inside the cart? Yes? Good!

During the weekend, I had the pleasure of celebrating 3 different birthdays; One on time, one about a month late, and the last one a week early! Needless to say, there was cake and cookies and biscuits and buns and... Yeah, I'm sure you get the point - Food! And it was loud, like it always is when the family gathers together and sits around a table eating, or a TV watching a film. Or, like this time.. Playing chess and pool! Didn't expect anything else.

Regardless, it is always a lovely event.. The passing of the years and the hanging out with the family, I mean, not the food eating (though, when it's that good...) The facial expressions after the gift has been opened, the hugs and the laughter. Then there's the wisdom you gather over the years.. if you do! But like my sister probably learned, no matter the number of years, you don't become smart or wise over night.

In other news, I've been drawing a lot lately - Pencil, water colour, acrylic paint; from a model, without one. It hasn't really mattered which equipment I use lately; If I felt like I could do it, I tried it out and due to this, I'm starting to run out of paper! However, I haven't uploaded anything online on deviant - I'm too critical of these pieces for that still. Some photography has also made its way into my busy timetables and I can't help but smile at some of the less focused images and laugh at the moments I've captured from jumping siblings to sunrises.

On top of the birthdays and the drawing, I've been writing and writing and writing. Stolen moments with the pen and a piece of paper that have been quite liberating. Letting go of old demons and processing new stresses. It's a rather interesting project to say the very least and it's amusing to see how my style has changed and developed over the years - And perhaps a little sad to see how some pieces can never be revisited because of this development; The mind is too old for some, and the psyche a lot less naive and happy making it impossible to continue things I wish I could.

I've always been a little over-critical and broody, but the lack of time seems to make me even more so - For heaven's sake, I've even criticised my study notes with an artistic eye! And let's be honest, the broodiness shines through some days in a way that allows people to notice it from just the way I type.. Silly really. Either way, I have chocolate chip cookies and hot chocolate, so all's well!

This is all I have time for today!

Meet me at the next stop,


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