Friday, March 13, 2015


Hello mad wanderers, who somehow have made it to my domain..

I'm a lass from the North - You figure out what that means. I'm really, really bad at humour and as such would make a really bad stand-up comedienne. Most of the time I run about life like a headless chicken but when it comes to things I want, I'm on point and the hardest working person you've ever seen. This blog won't be a priority to me, because I have important goals to reach currently - And becoming internet famous is not one of them! Instead, try getting to university to study linguistics and translation, graduating from that field and finding a job.

I used to host another blog for a few years and then just stopped posting.. It's been nearly 2 years since that stop and today I finally deleted that blog - There were nothing but bad memories on that one from very horrifying and scary comments to seeing it linked on a site with a subtext that made me think it must've been some of my old bullies. I also demanded much too harsh a schedule from myself - Must've been some kind of an idiot to think I'd really have the time and the energy to post twice every week with the Upper Secondary on top of it - Not to speak of other people actually wanting to read those rambles!

But enough about that!

This is me starting over. New blog rising from the ashes of the last one. It's going to be random things about life, hobbies, creating, friendships, relationships - What have you! There are going to be some crucial differences from the get-go: I refuse to have me visible beyond a first name on this blog and I will have the comments moderated from the very beginning - I learned my lesson the last time I did this.

Come to think of it, the font here looks a bit like my notes on Translation Studies - Fancy that!

I'll follow where life leads me and write about that the next time I have time

'Till then, 


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